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Many years after the Great Queen Apotropaia Cthonia rose to power, the city of Chython has become an idyllic symbol of modern society. The strong central pillar of the town, the Queen, rules with the aid of her stable King. Society revolves around the wellbeing of the castle; crops grown in the fields surrounding the main building are shared with the town, medicine is developed in the castle clinic, and those who need help are aided in every way the kingdom can provide. It is a system where the townspeople give to the castle, and the castle gives back, all under the careful eye of the monarch of course. Citizens are allowed to be self sufficient, living in their small, humble houses, guarded by the castle guards, and are allowed to venture out. Tourists are given prime treatment, and villagers are expected to act as though they are being paid for their politeness. Those who go against the castle are educated. Those who do much for the community are rewarded. Crime is not tolerated. Society is strict. All is well. People do as they please within the law, and they are treated fairly. The Queen gives council to all. The king sits by and acts as a second, quieter opinion.

To celebrate the prosperity of the village, every year, citizens between the ages of fifteen and twenty four are asked to participate in the town’s annual “Coming of Age Ceremony,” a series of games staged in the forest behind the castle, in which competitors test their skills in cooking, archery, dueling, and other events. Walls are erected around a large arena, and the competitors are let loose to fight among themselves with magically blunted weapons, playing out a struggle for the crown in the guise of a game. There are crowns scattered across the forest, and those who can find a crown, put it on their head, and make it safely back to the castle doors unharmed are rewarded with gold, their name engraved in silver on the castle doors, and the opportunity to train under Knight Captain Cecil.

This year, you are a competitor.

You have lived your entire life in this town, with parents who love you and plenty to eat, spending your youthful days in good health and happiness thanks to the castle.

This year, you will gather all of the skills you have learned, and then the fight is on. You and your friends plan to win this year’s games and put your names on those doors, for whatever reasons you each may have.

Home Page

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